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Our Story


Hi! I'm Martja (pronounced Mart-yah), the owner and designer of NUPT bridal.

Passionate foodie, gifted with green fingers and somewhat of a neat freak.

Fashion design was going to be my destiny from the start. My gran had a fashion retail business and my mom is a fine artist. So the natural decision after school was to study fashion design at Elizabeth Galloway. Which was epic. Some of my best and most creative years.

But life happened and instead of starting my own label I worked in fashion retail for 7 years for some amazing brands such as Jenni Button, MANGO and ALDO.

NUPT was first started as a side hustle in 2016, but at the end of 2018 I felt a strong tug at my heart to take up bridal design as my full time job.

My hope is to impact women’s lives during a very significant and exciting period in their lives. I believe the journey of finding the ‘right’ dress can also be part of the more meaningful journey of preparing for marriage.

Why NUPT? Derived form the word Nuptial which relates to marriage or weddings.

I chose this name as I believe in the design of marriage. I stand for the covenant type of love that marriage was designed to display. It is a sacrificial, humble and servant-hearted kind of love.

I can’t wait to meet you and come alongside you in this journey!

Much love,